Thursday, August 9, 2007

A comment on comments

I've been having some trouble with Blogger in terms of being able to read my comments here. I'm thinking this is in relation to IE6, but I haven't confirmed this. Anyways, in order to allow me to read the comments, I've currently turned off profile pics. (It keeps loading & reloading them, which is part of the problem.) BUT, I've also turned off the need to be logged into Blogger in order for someone to leave a comment. I figured I'd do this on a trial basis & see how it goes. Comments are being moderated, so they won't show up instantly. But now you should be free to comment on Blogger as well as 4shared; comment wherever you wish. :)

And tomorrow there will be a revamped Dream Trip paper pack available for download. I'm very happy with it, and I think you'll like it, too.


angelblessed said...

Thank you so much for the dream trip downloads.I am doing my vacation pgs now and love what you have offered us. I prefer leaving messages this way, I don't like having to sign up for another site to leave them.

Paula Patrick said...

Glad you took of the Google account being necessary, because I could not comment here. I think your designs are wonderful! Thank you.