Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hey, a new Dream Trip file!

Ever have one of those times where you wake up too early, your brain starts chugging along, and you can't get back to sleep? Well, I started thinking about designing something like this as I was trying to sleep in (unsuccessfully), so here you go! We've got 3 .png files, 2 paper mats and one special resin/plastic black bracket. I created the red one to match the Hidden Mouse Swirls 1 red paper, but it would probably work elsewhere.

I also created a new Seebee's Freebies preview set to use to sort of "standardize" all my future SF products. I can't guarantee there'll be another brainstorm any time soon, but you can rest assured that I haven't given up on making Seebee's Freebies. (What I really need is another vacation in my future; that'll probably get my brain going!)

Here's the download: