Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's here! Dream Trip Castle Dreams Mini Kit!

Sorry it took longer than I expected, but I decided to make it into a mini kit as opposed to just papers. :) Here's a kit that I designed to go with any castle pictures you might have hanging around. Any mouse theming is very subtle, so it doesn't have to be used with Dream Trip photos, of course. But hey, it certainly is nice for them!

You can download it here:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Yes, it's still coming!

You can tell I don't get to work much on weekends. :) And I'm also trying to get a couple of other projects done this week. BUT, the new Dream Trip mini kit is still on the way. (I'll get back to work on it right now, and *maybe* I can finish it up tomorrow morning?)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hang on..a new freebie is coming!

Well, I had an idea I wanted to create a new small set of Dream Trip papers, so I spent a little time last night and this afternoon doing just that! It's not ready yet, but I'm hoping to get some time to work later tonight. So, I would think that by the end of next week it'll surely be ready, and maybe as soon as tonight/tomorrow if things go well. Be afraid. Be very afraid. LOL!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quick update

Hi! Just wanted to let you all know I'm still here. :) I just approved a mess of comments, and I wanted to say thanks for the kind words. Even though I haven't posted anything in a while, I have been good about logging into my 4shared account so I can keep my downloads active. ;) Right now I'm in the middle of a cute spring/summery kit for Digitals, but my desktop computer monitor went kaput last night! (And, of course, that's the one I use for my work, since it's got CS4 on it.) I have been planning to get another freebie here once that kit and the mini kit for my Q & A challenge at Digitals is finished. (If you haven't seen that, you can get a freebie, usually from me, every month from that. Just go to and look for the forum.)

Also, while I may not be so great about the blog posts, I do Twitter. Granted, my tweeting is usually random life stuff, but when I have a new kit, freebie, or anything digiscrap related, I tend to mention it. You can follow me on Twitter at "ChrisBeasley", or, if you're not on Twitter, I also show the latest 5 posts on my other blog, . Scroll down a bit & look on the right side for the Twitter status updates.

Take care, and thanks for making my day brighter! :)