Thursday, November 30, 2006

Seebee's Freebies Photo Cropping Templates

These are 5 .psd templates that can be used to crop photos (or even digipaper) into the shapes shown. Another all-too-wordy readme file is also included in the zipped file. You can download them here:

An oldie but a goodie: Seebee's Freebies Paper Cutting Templates

This is one of the first things I ever posted for everyone on other websites, and it usually gets a good response. These are .pdf files, created in PSE4; basically they will be of most use to PSE users, I would think. These are templates for cutting curves in paper, plus you can make paper strips and lines with them. A way-too-detailed Readme file is enclosed. :) The zipped file consists of the 8 original templates plus a ninth bonus template, and the previously mentioned Readme files with instructions for cutting & line making. You can download them here:

The original 8 templates are shown here in the contact sheet.

Well, it's begun!

I've joined the world of blogs! I don't think this is going to be much of an online diary into the inner workings of my mind or anything, but I did want to have a place to get all the "Seebee's Freebies" digital scrapbook stuff published in a central location. Hopefully this makes it easier for you, the person reading this, to find some neat stuff! :) But bear with me since I have no idea as I'm writing this how long it'll take to get things in order. For now, just sit there and laugh at me since I once said I was not going to ever start a blog. LOL!