Thursday, June 28, 2007

CT call and free kit download

Here we go! The Diana Jean kit is now available for download. Use the DJ kit to create a layout and send it to me via e-mail if you'd like to apply for a spot on my creative team, Seebee's Busy Bees. (Yes, I'm going to drive the whole bee theme into the ground!) And, if you send me a submission for the team, you'll receive the Grunge Edge Set 3 as a thank-you gift. All the information you need should be in the download for the Diana Jean kit, and remember, you DON'T need to be applying to the team in order to download the DJ kit. (But you will in order to get the grunge frames at this time.) Download the Diana Jean kit here:

CT call coming soon

I should be getting the information about the CT call up either later today, or tomorrow. This also includes a free kit for everyone to download, if they like. Stay tuned!

Monday, June 25, 2007

new Dream Trip Labelmaker Frames

Now available, for personal scrapbook use only. This is a set of 17 frames (16 worded frames plus 1 blank) made to look like they were created with those Dyno punch labels. On the blank frame, use a free font like Plastique or Embossing Label, and then use an embossing layer style to complete the look. The majority of the labels are black, in order to coordinate with most layouts. I did, however, include both blue & pink versions of "princess". And, because I've been calibrating my monitor recently, the color of the blue princess label does not coordinate with the original CinderGirl papers. If you are handy with color changing, you can retint the papers. (Try a -15 on the Hue and -15 on the Saturation.) I am, however, giving you a download which includes the 3 original CinderGirl papers plus the matching ribbon, and they have all been retinted to match the label just like in the contact sheet shown. (Hopefully they match!) My thanks to my friend Nicole for the use of her picture with her lovely princesses. :)
The sayings are: A Dream Come True, ARRRRR, Authentic Magic Moment, Believe, Caution Magic at Work, Caution Villain at Work, Duck Crossing, Friend of the Mouse, Imagine That, Mouse Crossing, Princess (3 versions), Say Cheese, Think Think Think, and Yo Ho Ho. I may make another set, so if you have some suggestions, leave a comment. If I don't deem it to be to close to infringing on copyright, I'll try to use it. :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Ink Swirl Alpha moving

Just a note that the free Ink Swirl Alpha is in the process of changing sections at Digitals; I'll put up the link when it's available again.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Free date marking system available

I came up with the idea for this dating system last night while I was looking through some magazines. I may end up reworking it, though, since I want to change the days to words to differentiate it from the years. BTW, I used two digits for the years, so "00" can mean either 1900 or 2000. I figure the look of the picture will give some clue as to which date it's supposed to represent. :) The file is a .png in black. I can think of several ways to mark out the date you want. In this layout, I changed the blend mode to Soft Light and then selected out the date numbers I needed and gave them each their own layer. Then, the blend mode was changed back to normal and I inversed the color to white. (Ctrl-I is the inverse shortcut.) I finally added an exaggerated height to the shadow to make them look like they were floating off the page. The paper is from my Dotty Doodle Paper Pack (recolored), the font is Two Peas Wedding Day, and the tear is from Atomic Cupcake. You can download the Page Edge Date Marker here: LINK RETURNING SOON

Monday, June 18, 2007

New Sparkle Journaling Lines Set

Now available exclusively at Digitals! (LOL, I almost forgot to post this here.) It's 15 journaling line sets in the Sparkle series. If you click on either the Digitals link and hunt down the set, or you click on my Disney album at Photobucket, you can see a couple of layouts made with these. Fun!

So, what's going on? :)

Glad you asked. LOL! I am currently busy working on laying the groundwork for starting a Creative Team for Seebee's. The good news? In conjunction with that, I'm creating my first ever kit offered for free here on my blog! It will be available to EVERYONE, not just those interested in applying for the CT. So, stay tuned & be patient, because I've got a lot of stuff to get in order before it's official.

New e-mail address available

As of this past weekend, I've begun using a new e-mail address. The old Hotmail one still works fine, but my new one was created just for Seebee's & Seebee's Freebies business. So, if you click the contact link at the bottom of this page, it should be going to the new address. :)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Behind the scenes

Hope you're having a nice Saturday so far! I've got a product ready to go up at Digitals, plus I'm putting the finishing touches on another. And I've finished up 2 layouts today; they're Disney World photos so I have added them to the Photobucket Disney album I started. You can click on the link on the right side of the page, and it should now be working properly. (The guest password is "seebee".) And I hope to have another freebie here in the next day or two.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Sale today , LO Share and a little freebie

Here's a layout I just finished. I've been doing example layouts for my next paper pack (the Neutrality Paper Pack), plus I used a paper from The Sparkle Pack. And it wasn't until I was working on this that I realized there was a stamp for the Dream Trip Stamped Sayings pack that I never got around to making. So, I spent some time this morning creating it for this layout, and you can add it to your collection, as well. The Ticket To Ride stamp is in .png format, and you can download it here: Note that the place where I put the date is blank on the stamp, so you can add your own date or other dialog. For the date I used the font "Chelt Press Light", which is a stamp that has a bit of a rubber stamped look to it.

Also, today's the big sale day at Digitals! My stuff is 25% off, and it looks like some of the other designers are selling around 25-30% off, as well. My prices are starting at $1.50 for the You and Me Word Art, which is a nice little pack. (In fact, I just used it yesterday.) Take a look if you get a chance, and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sale on Friday!

As you can tell from the pic, I'll be having all my products on sale at Digitals on Friday, June 15th. I believe other Digitals designers will be having sales, too, although I am not sure who is participating. But, if you get a chance, hop over there on Friday and take a look! :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

New paper at Digitals and a free bonus here!

Now available exclusively at Digitals, it's my new Nature Twist Paper Pack! ( This pack features nature themes and grunge, with colors of purple, ruby/maroon, and cyan. I'm happy with the way these turned out, and I did two layouts with them at the Great American Scrapbook Convention crop I was at on Saturday. (I'll post all those later, or you can click on the examples at the above Digitals link for a preview.)
And, it's not in the pack, but here's the coordinating black solid for everyone to have! :) You can download it here: LINK RETURNING SOON!

Friday, June 8, 2007

new Dream Trip papers

For personal scrapbook use only. Everybody needs neutrals, right? I just thought it would be nice to make a couple of papers that were subtle and work with a lot of different types of LOs. If you've got a lot of pictures, or many different colors happening in your photos, these may be just the ticket. Download them here:, if anybody in the DFW area is going to GASC in Arlington, I'll be at the Saturday night crop and I'll see you there! :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

LO Shares and a new product

Now available at Digitals, my Dotty Doodle Paper Pack! This pack is interesting because it has a few papers in it with depth & texture, since I embossed the pattern on them. Blue and orange are the color scheme in this set, and it wasn't until last night that I realized how well this would work with my old Tigger picture. :) (The bottom border was made by making a selection based on one of the Not-So-Random Circles borders, and then "cutting" it out of one of the Dotty Doodle papers and giving it a Stroke outline.) You can find the paper pack here:

Friday, June 1, 2007

More stitches? Yup!

Here's another set of "X" stitches, plus 2 templates so you can cut/shape your paper to the stitch. If you're using PS or PSE, you can group the paper to the template. Other programs would probably work by using a tool like the Magic Wand to create a selection based on the shape. Sorry I can't be more helpful about other programs.

Note that shadows were added to the contact sheet; the stitches do not come with shadows.

Download it here: