Friday, February 23, 2007

Sketchpad Paper Pack now at Digitals

Now available: this new paper set with a soft, sketched look. Nice for formal pics and floral pics: the delicate tones of the paper will really make your color photos pop! Note that I wasn't thinking too clearly when I filled out my upload info for Digitals, and it's listed as "Sketchbook" as opposed to Sketchpad. But whatever you want to call it, give it a look. :) Jump on over to my section of Digitals by using the link on the right of this blog page. Thanks! Also, in the example LO the painted frame around the pic is available for free right here as a Seebee's Freebies; look for the KidArt Brush/Frame sets. Fonts used in the example are AL Professor and MA Sexy.

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