Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Dream Trip Peekaboo page example

Amy W. ordered me to put this up. (LOL, just kidding, Amy!) I just finished this page, and since I used the latest Seebee's Freebies offering, I figured I'd share. Ironically, my son used to HATE hats and would never have put one on his head. :) This photo was taken at the little shop underneath the giant Mickey Sorcerer's hat at the Disney MGM Studios. The paper is available for downloading in the previous blog message. Fonts used are Blackjack (free font), 2Peas Wedding Day, and Annual. The embossed label is a free action/effect from www.panosfx.com , which is a GREAT resource if you haven't already visited there.


VJ's Scrap Room said...

This is sooo cute..Thank you Amy for ordering her to put it up.:)

Fantastic job!!!

Erin said...

LOL! That is too cute!

Lemon said...

Seebee, I love your work. The entire DreamTrip kit is amazing and I've hoarded it all for my next trip album. I thought I'd share a link, in case you don't know about it: http://mickeyavenue.com/fonts/disney-fonts.html -- it shares fonts used throughout the parks... it might make your pages that much more impressive! (Not sure how that's possible though!)

Thanks for sharing!

seebee said...

Thanks, lemon! I think I've visited that site a while ago, but I hadn't bookmarked it. (I have now, though.) :)

AmyW. said...

Darn tooting I ordered you to psot some LOs! Good thing you listened too or I'd have been forced to do something drastic! It's so cute!!! Excellent work sweetie! I love that sparkle pack you made. I have something similar I'm working on only mine's called fairy dust. Hee-hee. You say tomato, I say 'mater. Well the new fridge pack looks great! Keep up the faboo work!