Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Raid the Fridge available at Digitals

Now available for downloading at Digitals. Yummy! I think this one came about as I was thinking about what kind of background I could make for Character Meals at Disney, and it sort of branched out into this. I'm always thrilled when I have an idea of what something should look like, and then I make it & it actually does look like what I wanted. :) 12 papers in all: 6 with word overlays & 6 without, so you can choose which version of a paper you want to use. I have an embellishment add-on in the works, and a FREE Dream Trip embellishment add-on hopefully to come, as well. :) (If you look at the gallery example for this kit, you'll see I've used the pizza paper for my Disney World trip album.)

You can get to my area of Digitals here:

Or you can choose "Chris Beasley" in the designers' selection box on the left of the site.

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