Friday, May 9, 2008

Yes, Virginia, there WILL be another freebie!

While I do still have quite a few files to restore, I also hope to have another NEW freebie available. I can tell you that I have a couple of extra papers that match my latest kit, That Happy Feeling, so I'll probably try to do a mini kit for that for here. Sound ok? :) Now, keep in mind I've got lots of other projects & things going on, so I can't give you a timeline, I'm afraid. But I haven't forgotten this blog although sometimes I'm sure it must seem like it. I'll tell you that in terms of Dream Trip stuff, for some reason I find it much easier to come up with creative ideas when I have a trip planned. Since I've got no future trip coming up, I don't have as much driving me in that direction at the moment.

I just authorized a bunch of comments, and I really appreciate the kind words; thanks to all who write and give me such kind praise. :)
Speaking of free, this is the contact sheet for my little free bonus for the challenge I host at Digitals, the Questions & Answers challenge. I am very happy with how this mini kit turned out, so if you get a chance, pop over to take this and some of the other challenges, and pick this up.


kpieczyn said...

I'm planning on completing your challenge this month!

Joanne K said...

Thank you for all the freebies that you reloaded!! That was a lot of work!!