Friday, December 1, 2006

Seebee's Freebies Grunge Edge brush set/frame set

I love the grunge photo edge look, so I created some of my own. These are available in an .abr brush set for users of later versions of PS/PSE, or in a .png set for pretty much any other photo editing software.
That was the .abr set. And download the .png frame set here:


Cheryl said...

I just found your website today and I can't believe all the great gifts you have for us! Thank you so much for sharing your work. I really appreciate it.

linnie-818 said...

Thank you for all these photo edges. I think they are so interesting, I scooped them all up, lickety-split. I especially like this one. Now my problem is to decide which one to try first. They're all great. Thank you!

Michelle said...

Thank you!